When do you end a relationship with someone who has seriously hurted you?



3 thoughts on “When do you end a relationship with someone who has seriously hurted you?

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  1. When someone says it’s over or you realize that you have absolutely no feelings for that person, it is time to move on. But.. If it hurts deep inside the pit of your stomach when you see another couple who are so happy that they are oblivious to the world around them, and it reminds you of the one you lost or the one you are trying everything to hold on to, then it is going to be harder to do so. That feeling like you can’t breath, because you miss that person more than the moon misses the sun at night, that is the feeling most people don’t know how to relieve themselves from. There are a lot of people that do not want to get rid of that feeling, chasing hopes and dreams of being reunited with that one person that with a simple smile or even the sound of the breathing on your lips as you wake, makes your day at an instant. But overall, sometimes you just have to push yourself off that cliff that represents moving on with your life.. yes it’s hard.

    1. Nicely written and I understand what you mean when you say that you experience a “feeling like you can’t breath,” because you miss that person. However, that person may never return to your life and then reality hits forcing you to move on. That is one of the hardest things in life to overcome because we are humans and we depend on others for emotional and physical needs.

  2. Recently, I have cut ties with people that deeply hurted me. They lead me to believe that I could trusted them and that they had the best intentions for me. Sadly, I held them to my level of trust when dealing with others. Unfortunately, people do not operate in the same level of trust because they are not accustomed to that or they choose not to operate in a higher level. This inbalace in the relatiionship only gives me two options 1. to forgive and continue the relationship or 2. cut that person off my life. If the offense is serious enough I always cut that person off my life for ever. That is a hard process to go through but once trust is broken there is no way to repair it in my book..This gives me the confidence that I will never be hurt by this person again and that is an accomplishment.

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