Is it rude for people to ask why are you single?

Yes absolutely! People shouldn’t be intrusive, when it comes to personal choices such as having a marriage or not having kids or not. Those are personal choices that people shouldn’t get judged for if they chose one way or another. Yes, guys throw themselves at me and I have to fight them off me all the time but I chose to remain single. I hate it when people are shocked to find out that I am single and have been for the last 5 years. I chose to have a stress free, drama free and headache free life. I don’t miss being in a relationship because if it was that good I wouldn’t have left in the first place.

A lot of people chase unicorns, what a waste of time! There is no such thing as the right one. You make the right one who ever you chose to be with. I believe that most people are in a relationship just to be in it but they are not in it wholeheartedly. What a waste of time. I believe that if I found someone who wants to work on a relationship with me as much as I do, we so right for each other. I don’t think that is how most people think. They expect the other person to make them happy and that with no work their relationship will just be perfect in a magical way. This is what I call chasing unicorns. Who says that you must be in a relationship to be happy or complete in life anyway? Who says you have to buy a house with a white picket fence and have kids?

I think it is time to start taking ownership of our on lives despite what others may think. We need to first be comfortable with who we are and love ourselves first before we can love others. Love is important, you can love yourself, love your job, love your family or love God. The fact that a person is single or childless doesn’t mean they don’t care about people. A lot of single people are very selfless and love others as much as themselves. That is honorable. What does happiness mean to you?






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